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The LYNX 2 is our lightweight EN-C wing. It has excellent cross-country performance with a high comfort factor for its class. It is made to inspire confidence in even the strongest flying conditions, and to keep you safe while you find your wild side in the mountains.

We chose a 2.5-liner hybrid design for this wing for several reasons: a fully fledged two-liner would need more supporting rods in the sail, leading to a larger pack volume. We wanted the LYNX 2 to be easy to pack down super small for hiking and racing.

The Lynx 2 is also much easier to ‘mush’ in for a safe top-landing in a wild place, as the three-liner layout in the glider centre gives a large brake range and forgiving stall characteristics. It’s also amazingly easy to launch.

  • High Performance 2.5 Liner
  • ALULA Simulation Software
  • Easy-handling Risers
  • Light/Durable Porcher cloths
  • Short Plastic Rods

The Lynx 2 is the perfect partner for cross-country pilots who travel light and free, and for those who move swiftly through their habitat, leaving no trace. It’s perfect for hike-and-fly races in mountain environments, where its efficiency and performance come with excellent safety and relaxed handling, and ideal for the new serial-class competitions. It’s competitive, and also accessible to pilots stepping up from B-class.

At 3.2kg to 4.3kg across five sizes, the LYNX 2 is among the lightest wings in its category, but that does not mean durability has been sacrificed. We used 32g/m2 cloth in strategic places to reinforce the leading edge where it most needs it. We have also sacrificed a few grams in the risers, choosing easy-handling Kevlar-reinforced 12mm webbing rather than shoelace-style Dyneema.

The LYNX 2 is more accessible and easier to fly than the CURE 2, with a slightly lower aspect ratio and cell count.

Light, reactive and precise handling and its feeling of performance gives it a two-liner feel and similar performance, but it has the safety, light rear-riser steering, and handling characteristics of a three-liner. Tyr flew a pre-production LYNX 2 in Costa Rica, and said it’s really relaxing in strong, turbulent conditions. “You can do almost the whole flight on the rear-risers!”.

An impressive brake range and good slow-speed behaviour mean the LYNX 2 is easy to top-land or sneak into small spaces. It’s one of the reasons we went for a 2.5-line hybrid design rather than a two-liner.

The new-design risers have an updated speed system action and a light and effective rear-riser steering system. The LYNX 2 is impressively efficient on bar!

The LYNX 2 uses our innovative Spiral Safety System. A rib without cross port vents just inboard from the stabi means that the tip cells lose pressure when the glider is in a deep spiral dive. This helps the glider exit automatically from the deepest spirals on its own without any pilot input.

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