Niviuk Roamer 2 P

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Please contact us for availability.


Hike & Fly
At just 189 g, the Roamer 2 P is Niviuk’s lightest and simplest harness. It is the best partner for hike & fly enthusiasts, especially for adventurers who want to reduce the weight and volume of their equipment as much as possible.


Comfort and 3D design

Lighter and more ergonomic than ever. The 3D-modelling of the shape and structure has maximised the level of comfort. The legs part have been lengthened and the shape of the back has been optimised. The pilot’s position remains upright and stable, even when flying with a heavy rucksack or with skis on.

Integrated connectors

Thanks to the integrated IKS connection system, there is no need to use carabiners to attach the harness to the wing. This novelty allows the overall weight of the equipment to be reduced, without compromising safety. With a simple loop between the IKS loop and the leg loops, the harness is connected to the paraglider. A fast, easy and light system.

For those who prefer carabiners, the design facilitates this by placing them directly in the IKS loop.

Compact and easy to pack
The Roamer 2 P is ultra-compact – it is made without foam and when folded, it takes up less space than the previous version. Nitinol rods (TNT technology) feature in the back area and the leg part for excellent comfort. It can also be quickly and easily stored in the case in which it is delivered, while maintaining its reduced shape.

Light and durable

To balance lightness and durability, the entire structure of the Roamer 2 P is made with Dyneema cords and P100R fabric – reinforced with Dyneema yarns. This material is highly resistant to tearing and possible deformation.

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