Niviuk Koyot 4




Koyot 4

The best possible start 

An accessible wing with instinctive and intuitive handling that will assist you as you train as a pilot, gain experience and evolve in terms of your confidence and knowledge.

The promise of comfort 

Its relaxed behaviour guarantees great stability during all phases of flight and with the pilot in absolute control, they can progress steadily in their initial learning phase.

Technology in the service of safety 

At Niviuk we have taken advantage of all our latest developments and technologies to create a wing with the highest possible passive safety. Focus on your progression and let Koyot 4 do the work for you.

Release the pilot in you

The latest generation of the Koyot gives you the best start in this new and exciting learning phase. A more accessible and efficient wing thanks to intuitive, responsive handling which facilitates total control for the pilot in whichever situation they may find themselves. The wing is designed to give the pilot confidence as they progress, and to reach all their goals quickly and safely.

The passive safety is the result of the wing’s new and optimised design, focused above all on ensuring stability in all phases of flight. This is a glider that is easier to fly and has more progressive responses to inputs than its predecessor. Therefore after any maneuver the glider will stabilise itself and will continue to fly correctly and normally.

The Koyot 4 is also more comfortable, especially in turbulent conditions where it offers great stability and minimises the chances of a collapse.

In terms of its construction, the Koyot 4 has a new profile and a revised arc of the canopy that ensure greater cohesion throughout the entire wing, which guarantees a simpler take off and, again, better resistance to possible collapses.

Using Nitinol (TNT) rods in the wing profile instead of conventional nylon rods increases its elasticity, gives it shape memory and helps the profile return to its original shape more easily. The Nitinol technology used in Niviuk wings helps the Koyot 4 to inflate in a more progressive and uniform way, making taking off simpler. This combination with durable materials increases the operational life of the wing and offers protection during intensive use and possible wear that is common in the learning phase.

Its leading edge has a structured design (SLE technology), an extra seam on the span axis (3DL technology) and ideal tensioning without deformations based on the 3DP technology used in our competition gliders. All this means the Koyot 4 offers an extra performance bonus compared to other wings in its class and gives the pilot the possibility of progressing to their first cross-country flights.

The internal structure has also been redesigned and optimised. The ribs and diagonals are combined and the attachment points are reinforced for a better load distribution. A more aerodynamic trailing edge results in less drag than its predecessor, a key aspect for better airflow. The application of RAM Air Intake (RAM) technology contributes to improving this flow and optimising internal pressure for the wing to better absorb any turbulence. With these improvements the Koyot 4 has greatly benefited in terms of safety, stability and control.

The line plan has been simplified with a reduction of more than 30% in the total number of lines (from 214 to 148 in size 26) and 20% fewer line meters (from 291 to 236 in size 26). This improvement has been based on a new strategic distribution of the lines alongside a more technical construction based on the use of diagonal tape, with only two levels of lines on the entire surface, a fact that makes wing preparation and checking of the lines during the pre-launch phase much easier.

The increase in the number of cell openings (from 36 to 39) makes the wing stronger and more compact, resulting in a cleaner wing. In this way, the performance of the glider has been subtly increased and allows the pilot more enjoyment while always feeling in control.

The aspect ratio has been reduced compared to the previous generation from 4.95 to 4.75, also helping to improve the compactness and making it a more stable wing.

Another highlight of the Koyot 4 is that it has an efficient and stable speed system that together with the extended brake range will allow a more progressive control of the wing speed.

In short, the Koyot 4 gives you the confidence you need to improve as a pilot and allows you to master all the basics of flying. Its docile character guarantees smooth progression while you safely complete your first adventures.

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