Niviuk Makan




Maximum safety in your flying 

Foam protection with excellent absorption properties is combined with durable materials and a simple two buckle closure system, ensuring an easy fastening without mistakes.

Ideal for exploring  

With its stable nature, it will allow you to discover the various aspects of free flight with total confidence. Learn and enjoy yourself with a harness which is both comfortable and maneuverable so the beginning of your flying career starts with the most pleasant experiences.

Made to your measure  

Its ergonomic design includes foam reinforcements in the seat and backrest to ensure maximum comfort in all flights. In addition, the adjustable straps allow the quick and easy adjustment of the harness to the pilot’s body shape.

One of the lightest harnesses in its class 

A 3,7 kg harness in S-M size. The harness brings a wide range of advantages while learning to fly as the Makan is easy to transport – ideal for when the pilot has to move from one flight area to another or carry it back up the training hill. A lower weight also makes it easier to practise initial inflations and its reduced volume means that it is easier to compress, pack and store.