Fabric Base


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The AIR³ Fabric Base has been designed for AIR³ or any other flight instrument.

It can also be used to store a powerbank such as the AIR³ Solar Powerbank and charge the instrument when needed.

Weight: 290 gr



You can use the AIR³ Fabric Base either flat or tilted and set your instruments on it.

Having the screen of your instrument perpendicular to your look increases very much the readability.

More and more pilots are using their smartphone or tablet for flying.

Besides the fact that we would “of course” recommend using AIR³ instead, the pilot usually faces 2 major issues with such configuration: readability and autonomy.

Using the AIR³ Fabric Base gives the pilot the opportunity to tilt the instrument and therefore increase strongly the readability. The AIR³ Fabric Base also allows the pilot to store a powerbank underneath.

There is a special compartment to keep the USB cables ready to be used. Whenever needed, you can pull the USB cable connected to the powerbank and connect it to your instrument to get additional energy.

We would recommend using the AIR³ Solar Powerbank. Together with the AIR³ Solar Powerbank, it converts the AIR³ Fabric Base into the AIR³ Power Base.



In addition to the benefits listed for any instruments, if you use this Base with the AIR³, you can use it as a carrying case for AIR³.