Cross Country Mag SRS Mirror


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Hand-mounted mirror for extra visibility for paraglider pilots.


The SRS Mirror for paragliding solves visibility issues caused by harnesses and makes flying safer – particularly in gaggles.

With many competition harnesses visibility and lookout can be compromised, just when you need it most, either when checking for close proximity companions when on glide or in a climb, or monitoring the progress of others behind you. An SRS Mirror helps eliminate blindspots. It’s mounted to the back of your hand with an adjustable elasticated cord, and can be used with or without summer or winter gloves.

Constructed using glass for a high quality mirror finish, the convex shape gives a wide field of vision.

The glass is recessed for protection, with ASA plastic wrapping around the mirror for safety.

The brainchild of Brett Janaway. SRS Mirrors are proving very popular with both world cup and sports racing series pilots.

Weight: 30 grams

Dimensions: 62mm x 45mm