BGD Snug





The perfect all rounder in a comfortable lightweight package.


Optimised for versatility and comfort, the SNUG is our premier recreational harness featuring a semi-cross brace system, our EASY EXIT reserve deployment system, a smooth aerodynamic shape, 18cm foam protection, and some vibrant new colour schemes. Weighing only 3.2-3.5kg, the SNUG is a stripped down, EN-certified harness that just performs really well.


XC, training, acrobatics, soaring, wagga, vol-biv, sledge rides – when it comes to free flying, the Snug harness is built to take on the full spectrum of aerial disciplines. Taken through the wringer by our test junkies, the SNUG is a durable, comfortable, and very safe harness. Bruce loves flying it XC, Ant takes it tumbling, and Tyr grabs it for a gentile sled ride down to the beach. If you only want one harness in your kit this should be it.



I always wanted a harness that I don’t feel. In the beginning, harnesses were divided into two categories: standard harnesses and ABS or cross-braced harnesses. The standard harnesses connected the pilot almost directly to the risers making them very unstable and too radical for occasional pilots. The fully cross-braced harnesses were too restricting; pilots couldn’t feel an imminent collapse coming. The SNUG is my perfect balance; with the semi-cross brace system I feel seamlessly connected to my wing yet stable enough to relax.


Harness / Back protector / Reserve handle and accessories / Aluminum Edelrid karabiners / BGD giveaway / Manual / BGD stickers

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S, M, L


Neon, Opal