PG3, PG4 or PG5 rating



Coming up to the next phase of your flying?

Got your hours and skills up? Ready to gain that next certification?

We offer specialist coaching and also assessment to sign you off for your new rating.

Usually it’s a half-day session of review, checking your log books and performance criteria and then a flight or 2.

Rates are $150 for the session, including transport from the LZ to Launch.

  • PG3 – After at least 15 flying hours over 60 successful flights you are eligible to graduate to limited unsupervised flying.
  • PG4 – When you reach at least 30 hours flying time on at least 25 flying days you are eligible to be certified for flight at more difficult flying sites.
  • PG5 – The top rated pilot certification, this requires additional flying hours as well as navigational certification, allowing you to fly as far as you can.

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PG3, PG4, PG5